Les Deux Magots Paris Cafe Painting Sold!

I was helping out in the Artist’s Collaborative Gallery today for our participation in the monthly  “2nd Saturday” Sacramento event. Hundreds of people from all over the country came through the gallery today. In particular, I met a very nice couple from Denver. They really liked my my little Le Deux Magots Paris cafe oil painting that I just finished in January.

We discussed my oil painting process at length, then they left with my card. Business tapered off in the afternoon. So, I went home a bit early, having enjoyed meeting so many nice people.

On my way home, Marleen called from the gallery to say that the couple had returned and purchased the painting.   She said that they also gave me a $50 tip, insisting that it was priced too low. Funny, I did not know that people sometime tip artists!  Go ahead, make my day. 🙂

(Click for larger image.)

Paris cafe oil painting

Prints are available here: Mike Patterson prints on Fine Art America

Note: the source photo used for the inspiration of this painting was placed into the public domain by Robyn Lee. Thanks!

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